I'm an administrator on a military wives support website, and the military gives wives and sites like that guidelines called OPSEC. I'm going to post our particular OPSEC guidelines, ignore those that specifically have to do with the military, but they're some good tips for ANY public forum, not just this one. [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]


Anyone who is affiliated with the military is required to ensure that their actions do not compromise the various operations of the military community. Information which is required for you or your spouse to perform assigned duties should not be shared or discussed where members who do not have a need to know can over hear that information.

Such breaches have the potential to compromise the success or security of military operations and personnel. Each member (or family member) must take precautions to avoid the intentional or UN-intentional disclosure of such information.

The following items are just a few tips to help you prevent an OPSEC violation.

* DO NOT give out names of personnel who are deploying

* DO NOT give out ANY personal information of any person INCLUDING yourself. This inlcudes last names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc on a public forum, website, etc

* DO NOT give out specific date of troop movements

* DO NOT give out number/location of aircrews or members deployed.

* DO NOT give out number/locations of equipment/aircraft/personnel.

* DO NOT give out senior officer locations.

* When someone tells you information that you do not need to know tell them they are violating OPSEC and you don't want to hear it.

* When you hear rumors about missions or operations of any kind that are supposed to be going on, don't repeat the rumor, just ignore it.

Remember it's our loved ones putting their lives on the line to defend the freedom and liberty we all enjoy, don't place them in greater danger by violating OPSEC.

If any newspaper approaches you or television media personnel please tell them you cannot speak to them and refer them to the military public affairs office.

The rules of OPSEC also apply to telephone conversation and e-mail transmissions. Please be VERY careful of the information you give through these channels. Even if it appears to be secure, you never know who may be monitoring you without your knowledge.

Our enemy took us by surprise and we will never be the same country again. In order to effectively bring the enemy to justice, we need to maintain the element of surprise. Every element of our operation is more sensitive than ever before. We must rededicate ourselves to our mission and our country to help ensure that what transpired on September 11th will not be repeated. Security must be incorporated into every aspect of our jobs. If we are not vigilant in protecting critical information, it will happen again. The future of America depends on changing the way we look at security. OPSEC can make the difference.

It is absolutely essential that it be understood and incorporated into everything we do.
Mom to Julia