We have had (me personally and others) some attacks, or emails sent that were obviously young teens etc. Or harrassing posts. I think that when you type in DRY SKIN it also sometimes shows this site,for even people that cannot spell ichthyosis. The moderators are usually great at getting them out of here fast. But your point is very valid, bits and piece of information can be put together to make a complete picture of your location and of course your childrens too. It is not necessarily the people that are posting that we have to worry about, as much as the lurkers. Maybe we as a group could leave names out, at least last names when possible, and disclose personal information only by phone or private email. I know that personally I talk to 12 people from this site on the phone or through email often, and probably another 10 through chat or instant messenger. The good news about this site is that it has helped so many more people than it has hurt, but I completely understand your position and concern sideshowbob. And like Angel said, I delete old posts and information that I realize says too much. I would not mind you linking this site to the blog, I think that the more people that understand ichthyosis, the better chance we all have to raise awareness and get more research, more donations and better medical care. Possibly a cure.