Hello everyone can anyone give a suggestion of what to use for Jordan's cracked hands. He was outside yesterday riding his bike and he came in and said " mom I guess I have to stay in look at my hands. His little hands had cracks all in them.I have that Tazorac now but his doctor said i could'nt use it anywhere but his lower leg parts. I have so many lotion here but I really cant find one that works to good.So I thought someone out there might have a little suggestion. Looks like after 15 yrs I would know more then I do but I dont really. Cause Cameron my 15yr old skin does alot different then Jordan's skin. Jordan seems to have more sensitive skin then Cameron. And it weird how one day Jordan's skin can look normal and the next day it looks alfull.But if anyone has a specaial way you treat your kids cracked hands or maybe how you adults do it I will take the time to try it. Or is there anything I can do to protect his hands when he goes out to play besides gloves ? Thanks for reading and sorry to be a bother but someone elses idea might be a little better then mine.

Thanks alot