Hi everyone, I am a mother of 3 kids (6, 41/2 and 2 years old.) I have had ichthyosis my whole life. Not too severe, but severe enough that I always wanted to cover up my arms and legs as a kid. My legs still get scaly and my arms and hands look like alligator skin until recently! My cousin introduced me to Arbonne a few months ago and I have tried every perscription med. lotion to over the counter stuff and I can wholeheartedly say that I have fallen in love with Arbonne's products and now I just want to tell everyone! I have helped children with severe eczema to adults with severe psoriasis. Arbonne's philosophy is Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Their products have to be all 3 or they don't manufacture it. The products are hypoallergenic, ph corrects and formulated without mineral oil which is so horrible for one's skin, little did I know a few months ago! Mineral oil is an occlusive oil (motor oil refined 7 times and fragrance is then added which is a known irritant to skin). Mineral oil is a cheap filler added to skin care products which initially makes your skin feel great but is actually really bad for it. I always put baby oil on my skin (mineral oil) after showering for years. Mineral oil acts as a plastic sheeting to your skin and halts natural perspiration, clogs pores, dosen't let anything beneficial enter the skin and leaches out vitamins and nutrients from your skin. I now use Arbonne's baby oil (which are all natural oils) after showering and it penetrates so deep within my skin and has helped tremendously. I have always had very dry cracked feet as long as I can remember and I have used Arbonne's Body Serum and Lotion on them and the cracks are gone. There are so many other beneficial products the company has as well. I feel it is my mission now to help others with their skin from normal skin to the severly sensitive. I now have become a consultant with Arbonne and love what I do. Although there may never be a treatment for ichthyosis, Arbonne's products definitely help heal from the inside out. I would love to send some free samples to whomever may be interested. I have everything from the whole baby care line to other individual samples. You may just have questions initially, so just let me know!

All the best,

Andrea Grobe
Arbonne Independent Consultant
andreagrobe@sbcglobal.net www.arbonne.com