Hello everyone. My son Nate, 8mos old has just been diagnosed with NS. The shock, sadness, frustration and depression has passed so I guess it's time to face this condition head on - first by trying to find out everything about this disease. I've read some of th messages in the boards and noticed that most of those with NS are females. Are there any males around (at least in this site?)

I have to many questions that not even the doctors can't answer. I believe those who have battled it are the ones who can actually offer me something. I don't know where to start, but i guess im not going anywhere so ill keep coming back to this dicussion boards.

I would appreciate any information from fellow-parents or individuals with NS. I feel one with you. I a so glad I found this site.

my baby is one in a million.
Nate, 15 months. Diagnosed with Netherton Syndrome.