Thanks for the kind words, threerxli. I was exhausted after a late evening at the time of my 1AM post. I wasn't making much sense even to myself. [img][/img] But I did not mean to suggest that I was shying away from participating on this BB.

But so I make myself clearer, I *always* invite cordial disagreement on anything I post on this BB.

As for my posts in this thread, Iím not advocating the validity of any of the info. Rather this is just stuff Iíve come across when researching the ingredients in my own lotions (I'm like an online squirrel constantly burying interesting tidbits of info I find 'in' my hard drive to dig up later if I need it). However, I have not found any academic research proving or disproving much of it. Thatís why I expressed a reluctance to post. I was expressing a personal reluctance to posting these specific claims about certain lotion ingredients. Because I have not come across any info or discussion on these issues in the ich community or unbiased medical circles, I did not want to monger fear or concern on this BB.

This knowledge did make me look at my lotions differently. It did not however make me look at the objectives of my ich care any differently. So I just put it out there, leaving it for anyone who cares to read it to either accept or dismiss, substantiate or dispute.