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So please, everyone on this board...-do not discourage anyone from posting unless it is causing extreme harm. I also think we all know to do our own research, understand our own medical needs and values and check with a doctor, or trusted medical specialist. Just a thought.

I hope you don't think my intentions were to discourage gryphon from posting. I did appreciate the information (actually, I believe I said that in my post) and my only intention was to explain that I wasn't tossing everything out...only the new cream that I was planning on using with my kids, head to toe, every day. I wanted to make it clear that I wasn't freaking out as I felt gryphon suggested. That was all.
Like gryphon said, tone is very hard to figure out via internet. This is one of the reasons I tend to lurk on most bb's. The first time you say something that might be questioning or critical, it comes off as an attack...tone is everything in communication and you can't get that on a bb. Please understand I had no ill intentions...simply didn't want everyone to think I was going on a mad rampage through my home to rid it from parabens LOL.
I did not read anything about the dangers of anything else because really, if you take ALL of the ingredients out that could potentially cause harm, you have nothing left.