Please continue to write and respond on this board. Many parents and people concerned with ichthyosis do read the board. I believe that we all have different views and opinions, which make this board so unique. With different views, knowledge, study and research...we have come so far! Sometimes what we learn in the process of life teaches us more than we ever dreamed, and sometimes life sends us in a completely different direction than we would expect. This board is for everyone, and maybe, just maybe ANYONES knowledge will help someone at one time, even if it is only one person that this advice helps, isn't it worth it? This also would not be the first time a doctor was educated by a concerned patient or parent right???? (Regardless of your belief with this post.)

So please, everyone on this board...-do not discourage anyone from posting unless it is causing extreme harm. I also think we all know to do our own research, understand our own medical needs and values and check with a doctor, or trusted medical specialist. Just a thought.