Now for the question on petrolatum/mineral oil. I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post above what to google if you want info on the problem of petrolatum trapping toxins in the body by blocking pores. In addition here are the reasons why petrolatum is a toxicity concern in itself and measures the European Union has taken to restrict its use in cosmetics. First a recent newspaper article that addresses petrolatum and other toxins. (It mentions AHA’s but remember with Ich skin we are dealing with very thick skin that needs to be stripped. Nonetheless this is why AHA’s should not be used on sensitive baby skin, thin skin, and only in low concentrations on the face). BTW the Ottawa Citizen is one of the leading and most reputable newspapers in Canada and the primary newspaper in its National Capital Region 551716cf9964&p=3

Next is the toxicity status of petrolatum, which also mentions restrictions (based on purity) on its use in lotions outside North America.

This site has an express “green-agenda” so I’m reluctant to post it but nonetheless it concisely explains the problem with petrolatum (and parabens etc.)

This site also has an “green-agenda” but again it does a decent job of addressing recent regulatory action and consideration of petrolatums in cosmetics

Finally this is a petroleum industry report that deals with petrolatum, and what the industry should do to protect itself from further regulation and consumer scrutiny. I’m including it because I think the paragraph title “Recent Regulatory Activity” and the 3 titled paragraphs that follow are interesting and pertinent. Read the whole report as it provides a window on the Petroleum industry (specifically Penreco) describing the problem with Petrolatum/mineral oil.

And finally this is an informative piece on parabens and issues with regulation itself. A good read for anyone interested.

Rather than harp on this any further I think this now adequately addresses the issues of parabens, propylene glycol (aka PEG), petrolatum/mineral oil, and lanolin in lotions. Each parent or user should make an informed decision based on individual circumstances. I’m not telling anyone not to use these ingredients in ich care. Just be aware of what they are before you decide upon a product. I have several more links but rather than belabouring the point I leave it at that.

For JDS, though it is not a comprehensive listing, this is an article that tries to explain what ingredients in lotions do. It does not deal with toxicity. I've posted it before on this BB and so some of you may find it redundant.

And for Curtise, there is no ‘political agenda’ or ‘statement of affiliation’ in the absence of capitals in my screenname. ;-)

I simply forgot to press ‘shift’ when hastily registering as a member. So no need to apologize for not using only lower case letters.

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