I've found all the information and discussion on the parabens issue really interesting, for which thanks mostly go to Gryphon. I'm trying to weigh up the costs and benefits of using creams with parabens in, and struggling to reach a conclusion, in part because Nina is only 7 months old and we are still getting to grips with what might be most effective for her skin out of the myriad of stuff available. It's really overwhelming. I too worry about the long term effects of using all these products in such vast quantities, and from such a young age. I'm as interested in the issues of using petrochemical-based stuff as well as the parabens.

However, we find ourselves, as individuals and parents, having to make these decisions, and I'm grateful for any help I can get in doing so. I'd like to start by getting an idea what all the ingredients in the lotions, etc, actually do; I read the list of names and haven't a clue what any of them are, as I merrily slap it all over my baby (well, actually not that merrily...)

Apart from googling them individually, any ideas of where to look for information? Gryphon, I'm hoping you may have a reference to help me here, you seem good at knowing where to find this information! Many thanks for the links you already listed.