I had originally intended to post what I did above in different words in the toilet-training thread. I personally felt that my words regarding parabens were too incendiary there. Perhaps I should have posted there to better balance my post in that thread.

Instead I decided to * lightheartedly * post in this thread instead. It was not addressed to, or even directed at you, rather I was addressing the fact that my words in my other post might make one unduly worried given the history of parabens and the amount of research that has been done since the 90ís. The EU, The American Cancer Society, Australian authorities, and many others have looked into this and have concluded that the risk is not significant, that there is no * conclusive * evidence that parabens are the cause of cancers, and that no action is needed on parabens in cosmetics. As such its use is pervasive in the industry. However there are some groups who remain unconvinced because of the lack of certainty you also mentioned. Thatís what I wanted to express really because I thought the information I waved around in the first post didnít reflect that. I was not dismissing or denigrating any of your feelings or conduct because I have felt and conducted myself in no way differently than you.

Certainly I, like you, am worried about the degree of paraben exposure given that a person with ich applies gallons of lotion a year. I have brought up the paraben issue in the past when another mother (Aylasmom) asked about lotion ingredients. The prolonged use over decades in the quantities we use is a legitimate and real concern especially when itís started at a very young age. Heck Iíve been absorbing it in large quantities for some 30 years now so Iím worried. So, I was not being critical or condescending regarding your worry. I decided to follow the same course of action you did and have in all my posts on this subject suggested the same. If one can eliminate parabens from ich care then it is a wise and prudent decision. However, there are people with ich who rely on certain lotions to exfoliate or hydrate such Aqua-glycolic, lachydrin, or Eucerin. If there are no other lotions equal to the task then perhaps, based on current research findings, a radical change that will negatively impact the skin is not warranted.

Iím sure youíll agree that tone is very difficult to transmit on a BB. I especially have a hard time doing it (I generally do not foster personal or social relationships through blackberries, text messages, or even emailÖI do all of that in person or on the phone). So Iím not as seasoned as some of you. I also tend to post-and-go with little proofreading or sober second thought to what I write. All that aside, I can see how my earlier words could be read as being something other than what I intended. I can also see now how, in the context, words like ďfreak people outĒ and my tone could be considered wholly inappropriate and even offensive.

I only mentioned you by name, Lisa, because I thought my one-sided paraben post caused your ďArgĒ. Now that I know otherwise I would not have even mentioned that apology line in last post.

I can assure you that Iím well aware that each and every one who participates in this particular forum is trying to do right by his or her kid(s). And, whenever I express my thoughts in this forum it is with the sole purpose of helping to further that parental endeavour. I donít come here to pass judgement on yours or anyone elseís conduct, to personally denigrate anyone, or to compromise the well-being of anyoneís child(ren). I resent any insinuation that my views are to that effect. What I did was express my views on the paraben issue after researching it just as you have. I hold similar views about pesticide residues in lanolin, the petro-chemical and toxin-blocking issues of petrolatum or mineral oil, and the renal issues surrounding propylene glycol. But there again it is only my opinion, based on my research on those ingredients in lotions and my personal health. Everyone else should make a balanced decision based on his or her own personal circumstances and findings. Although I am not an academic expert on any of the topics generally expressed on this BB, what I do try to ensure is that any posts I make on this BB reflects the * entirety* of my personal knowledge and experience on a specific issue. My disjointed, double-threaded posting on parabens was not the best way of doing that. Anyway, Iím pleased you were able to make use of the information.

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