I found your post on Parabens interesting and informative. I greatly appriciated the information! However, you can't wave information around like that and then follow up by saying people shouldn't be worried.
The fact is that Parabens "might" cause cancer but there are no facts leading to 100% proof of this (I did my own research after your post...I never take anybody's word on anything LOL). I wasn't trying to eliminate Parabens from my home...perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying. I simply had a look around my home at all of the lotions and personal care products we were using to see if they contained parabens. I found that all of my Bath and Body Works products contained parabens as well as the Skin Milk that I bought for my children's skin care. I can't feel 100% comfortable using these products every day on my children if it could cause them harm in their future. My daughter is 2 and my son is 4. If I use skin milk on them every day for the next 20 years and then find out in 20 years that due to years of exposures to parabens in their lotions, they have cancer, it would be devastating. Just to clear this up, I DO NOT plan on tossing all of my Bath and Body Works lotions...I am sure I will buy more in the future too. I will let my kids use them once in a while as well. Do I want to put a lotion or a cream on my kids head to toe, every single day that has a paraben in it after you posted your original post on the possibility of it causing cancer...NO! Disappointed? Sure...I liked the products I found but I am not glued to them.
If every lotion had parabens in it, I would have no choice and of course I would still take care of my children's skin even though it had a risk. If I can buy things without parabens in bet I will. If the Skin Milk was making their skin softer (which I think it was) but I can continue on without it then I certainly won't use it again. I will go out to Eckerd a bit later today (yet again) and search for a cream to go over top of their Curel in the morning without parabens. If I can't find one...oh well...we lasted four years with just Curel and Aquaphor. I will simply continue on with Curel, the new Aveeno with oatmeal that I bought, and their Aquaphor.
This morning we used their Curel lotion and passed on the Skin Milk...I liked it...sure...but it's not worth the risk IMO. After a lot of thought last night, I decided I wouldn't use it again. You yourself said you tossed a ton of your products because they contain parabens. I assure you...I am not freaking out. I am doing what I should be doing as a parent...I am looking out for my children who can't do it for themselves.
Again...thanks for the info.