If you wouldn't mind sharing what your derm has to say, I would love to hear her thoughts on the subject.
We bought a new cream last week called Skin Milk. It smells great and it seems to be making their skin softer as well. At the moment both of the kids are covered in white flakes which isn't normal for them. At the same time, they are softer (still dry but softer) and their lotion isn't getting sucked right into their skin like before. I don't know if it is the skin milk or the Aveeno Oatmeal lotion that I was starting to use for itching at night under the Aquaphor but something is making them flake and something is making them moist LOL. I am going to give it a little while because they seem softer. I am thinking that it might just be them getting rid of some dead skin with our new routine and I have high hopes that after a few weeks, the flakes will be gone and the end result will be softer skin. Wishfull thinking? Maybe LOL...but I am going to keep trying. I was going to stop and go back to our old routine when I saw them peeling like that but I talked myself into the old wait and see deal.
I used to cover them with Curel in the morning, touch up with Curel during the day and then Aquaphor at night. For the past week though I have been using the Curel in the morning, topping that off with the Skin Milk on top, touching up with Curel during the day, and then Aveeno covered by Aquaphor at night. I didn't take away anything I used to use...just added to it. I guess that is where my hopes of softer skin comes in!
The Skin Milk is up in the air right now though because of that paraben issue. I want to keep using it because I like it so much but at the same time, I would hate to put something on them that would cause cancer.
Another thing...I have been looking online at ingredients in a lot of common products that people have mentioned here and even Amlactin has a paraben in it.