This was a cream recommended by our derm. quite awhile ago, and we finally decided to try it out. I guess our initial reservations was that it's just petroleum based, so not all that different from Aquaphor or Vaseline. I ordered it off of, and got it in the mail yesterday. The ingredients are: hydrated petrolatum, purified water, sorbitan sesquioleate, and methylparaben.

I've got to say, I'm a bit impressed - first, b/c I can put it on her scalp without her hair getting all matted down and icky! It's pretty thick and sort of sticky, but gets absorbed really quickly. It's certainly no miracle cream, but I only creamed her up once yesterday with it (no Aquaphor, just Hydrolatum the second she got out of the bath) and I only had to do it once. She's peeled noticably less this morning, but not sure if that has to do with the cream or not, b/c her skin's been acting totally different for the past few weeks anyway.

It's actually *easier* for me when she peels a lot in the morning, easier to get the skin off lol So that's the only con I have to this cream, if it's in fact the cream that made her not peel a lot.

I think I'm going to try using some sort of mineral oil or something *first* and then then Hydrolatum on top of it.
Mom to Julia