I am not using any shampoo on Lucia's head(thought it best to stay away from all soaps and chemicals - am I being too cautious with regards to this?), just the bath water which contains cottonseed oil and lavender oil. I had been advised by the derm not to use T-Gel/T-sal because of concerns about absorbing the chemicals in one so young(however she has had no experience with any patient with NS).

I have re-read previous 'scalp' posts and it seems that most mums use the Neutrogena products for all forms of ich - I also read that Burts Bees made one NS scalp drier.

It is taking about 2hrs every morning to remove the scales on her little scalp after the bath - could this job be made easier?

Should I just be using a shampoo?

Should I be applying something the night before to help the de-scale process?

She is really becoming very irritated with me picking at her tiny head for so long.

Thanks for any advice.