Kathy, my girl!
I must say I am SOOO proud of you right now! The power of this group will make it happen...
So, here's some ideas...
Spring has Sprung means garage sale in our part of the world...I am sure it means the same for your part. We are planning a big one to help with our costs in early May. I am planning on putting an ad in the local paper and stating that "All proceeds go towards attending a medical conference for our daughter, Ema."
Second, ebay! I have a friend that sold "lightly used" clothes, in bundles, and made something like $200 bucks!!! It was mostly Old Navy and Gap stuff that friends had given her daughter for gifts. I guess that stuff sells like HOT CAKES!
Third, like Erin suggested, what are you a member of? I noticed your email address is "gym mom." Could this be a good place for a Gymnastics-a-thon? Kids would love it and, again, all proceeds go towards you and your boys getting to Atlanta.
Kathy, keep in mind, you are not asking for money to get a big screen TV, or a new Porche...you are a mom in need and we need YOU at this conference (and the boys too!) I want to give you a full-fledged hug...just like all the other moms that post on this board. We all have a special bond and we all need to find the means of getting there.
P.S. I have NEVER had a garage sale before in my life. I normally wouldn't even go to one but I WANT TO GET THERE and $1500 is not in our single-income budget either.
Craig and Sarah Hodgkinson (aka Dad and Mom to Matt and Ema)
Ema has been diagnosed with Congenital Ichtyosiform Erythroderma (CIE)