I'm sorry I said brainwashing..that was wrong but excuse me don't tell me that I care about my appearance and I don't know anything about Accutane..ye definetly I am on a serious drug and have been since I was nine and I have absolutely no knowledge about it and my parents would totally allow that. At the conference I found you to be rude and pushy...I am not a little kid and I do NOT care about appearance..I don't think anyone with ichthyosis does....so don't tell me that what I said contradicts that...maybe I didnt say it in just the right way ...but I do not take it for my appearance...and that really hurts that you would even think that...you know what I am not even gonna sit here and talk about this anymore..i am sorry for saying the word brainwashing but I was really upset because I felt like you tried to make me look like a fool at the men's group ...trying to act like I didnt know what Accutane can do ..I go to a wonderful dermatologist and I know everything I can know about Accutane..and I don't believe it takes longer than that to get out of your system because I trust my doctor ...soriatane or whatever is the drug that takes years to get out of your system. I don't wanna fight..i don't exactly come to the ichthyosis board to fight with people..I come for support. I gave Robin my info and you gave her yours...but please don't ever tell me I am concerned with my image....and please treat me like an equal and not some kid who is living in ignorance..you have your beliefs and I have mine.