I am gonna stop responding to this post but this is my last little spurt of info. The doctors at THE CONFERENCE told Jordan it would be a good idea...its ot like they don't know the possible side effects...and I dont know if it would work as well for CIE as lamellar but obviously the Doctors thought it was worth it. Just because I am almost 18 doesn't mean that I am a kid who is obsessed with appearance..this is not about my image and where I need to find acceptance "within" myself...that makes me sound like a self centered kid. Its about FEELING better...and I am not disregarding the fact that Keith and Pauline had problems with it..but yo seem to be disregarding the fact that I didn't and I've been on it for years. You cannot bombard Jordans mom with everything under the sun that could happen...yes she needs info and to be aware of the side effects but that doesnt mean just because something is risky you shouldnt take a chance...they will find out if its right for Jordan before they put her on it I am sure...but me and my friend Laura Ashton at the conference have been on it for awhile and we have neverhad any problems. Because my skin used to be so uncomfortable is the reason I love my accutane and because it makes me look better..so lets get that straight. Just like we always say at the conference..different things work for different people...even if they have the same type of ichthyosis. So lets inform Robin without trying to brainwash her into thinking that Accutane is some drug from hell that only hurts people. And I do think it is a good idea to let Jordan decid when she is 18 if you do not feel now is the time...because maybe she should be the one to decide if its for her...if shes willing to take "the huge" risk of going on Accutane. Alright I'm leaving I'm not gonna try to defend my Accutane anymore..but for me it is the essential step in taking care of my skin and I'd be in alot more discomfort if I had never taken the plunge and tested it.