I so dont want to put a downer on things, but there is light at the end ! i tried to breast feed my son jake (he is now aged 9 with nethertons) It was such a joy to do with alex,,my other son ( without ich) i just felt it would be right to do with jake,,,,,,,but would he suckle,,,no,,,,,,i tried to give him my milk out of a bottle to no avail,,,, we tried all kinds of bottle teats he would not suck em,,,,,in the end he had to have a tube put up his nose that went into his stomach,we had to learn how to do it too,,,,,,,it knocked me sick i can tell you......the doctors wanted to put a tube into his tummy but decided against it due to him getting infections all the time
he failed to thrive for months,,,,, he was admitted to hospital at 6 weeks old, and came home when he was 10months old. Maybe your daughter is hungry, or maybe her skin hurts,,,,,,,,,but on the bright side,,,i did say there would be a light!!! jake is now 9 and eats like a pig (not good for the food bills,,,,,,but worth it really as i didnt ever think i would see him eat) and his skin has got so much better over the years. I hope this doesnt dishearten you. please email me if you wish. all the best for the new year xxxx