Thanks for the replies!

Well, we know that the reason she's FTT is b/c of her skin lol We've just not figured out a way to make her gain more weight. Sometimes she does great, gained a pound in a week once, but then she'll lose quite a few ounces the next week. We're breastfeeding, and I'm reluctant to switch to formula for a whole lot of reasons. One of them being we've tried everything on the planet to get her to gain weight (exlusively breastfeeding, breastfeeding and supplimenting w/formula, exclusively formula feeding, BFing and supplimenting with extra hindmilk), and nothing's really made a huge difference. So now we're exclusively BFing. A nutitionist I saw mentioned some sort of oil to add to cereal, that's just pure calories, but she's too young for that right now.

Maybe I'll make another post about this, I'm going O/T on my own post lol
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