Congratulations on your new baby!I hope all is going well for you all. My son is now 4 but I had to add to your topic- while pregnant with him he was very active all through the pregnancy, even when he was a few hours old, he was kicking his legs. He is on the go alot still and loves dancing and singing,as well as being a very bright little boy.I think he has a kind of larger than life character!

I should have said, he has had ichthyosis from birth and we are waiting for a definite diagnosis as to what type it is at the minute (thanks at last to a concerned and thorough dermatologist). He is getting fed up with the creaming and waxing at times, but copes really well on the whole - the main problem is getting him to stand in one spot for long enough.

Anyway, we have a baby girl who is ich free (so doc thinks x-linked) and she was much quiter in the womb. She has a more serene disposition, active as well but more contained! So just to add to this interesting topic, I think maybe character will out over any problems our children have and I wish you all the best with yor new baby.