Hello everyone! Its been a while since I been on here- but we've been wrapped up in baby [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] Evan Michael Thomas was born on June 29th! He weighed in at 4 lbs 11 oz- definatley a little guy!

My assumptions were correct- Evan doesnt have ichthyosis, and what a blessing for him because, as some of you already know he has some kidney issues and things would have been very complex if he had EHK too. Evan was admitted to the NICU because of his kidney problems. He stayed there for 2 wks and came home ast wednesday. [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] Horray!

(For those of you who are interested or looking for an update, Evans left kidney became severely dialated durring my pregnancy and it now has no function to it. The kidney was drained out durring labor and they pulled 3 cups of fluid out of it. After many tests, it is decided that Evan has just one kidney. So far things seem to be great, however there is a small something (could be more cysts) on the good kidney and we are still looking into it to see what it could be. But we are grateful for the blessing weve been given. Evan is a wonderful boy and so good too. He is doing well and growing like a weed. He already weighs over 6 LBS!

After this baby, I feel strongly that the EHK effects the babys before they are born. My two effected were less active and had growth trouble. The pregnancies were hard and stressful. This last one was classic textbook pregancy. Everything went so well- I wanted to stay pregnant longer [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]LOL!

Anyway- thankyou for all the replies and support. Its good to have you all out there. As for my theory- well see if it holds up next time [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]