This thread brings up something I had always wondered about too. My first (with ich) moved well when I was pregnant with her to start with but then this dropped dramatically, and in hindsight she hardly moved at all towards the end. I was worried, but I was a first time mum and had no reason to suspect anything and the docs/nurses can be quite impatient I find if you ask lots of questions. With the 2 after (no ichthyosis) I couldn't believe how much they moved/rolled etc. I felt sad that I hadn't been strong enough to ask more questions when I thought something wasn't right, but I was newly married in a new country, no family or friends to talk to either.

That's why I always say, ask and question, push and cajole to get what you need.

So even though I had no test avaialable and nothing but the level of movement to go on with the last 2, I had a secret hope that they were okay and they were.

It would be interesting to see whether this anecdotal evidence supports less/no movement = higher risk of ichthy.