my two pregnancies were totally different, with alex my first, i had a great pregnancy, he was very active, i "bloomed", had a few weeks of morning sickness, but on the whole felt great, he was born 2 weeks late after six hours of labour, jake was born 2 weeks early, i felt sick almost every day until his birth, i had to be induced because i started to bleed, i thought i had gone into labour, but then it all stopped. I was in labour with jake for 2days, alex was delivered by ventouse, and jake with forceps. i guess i am not too good at the "push" i couldnt get either of em out for the life of me. with alex i had gas and air,,,,with jake i had the same and pethadine,,,,,,not sure if that made it a little more difficult for him, the doctor wanted to send me for an epidural with jake,(something i didnt really want) but luckily i didnt need one. gosh i do ramble, take care