thank you for your replies. It really is wonderful knowing I can post a concern or question and ill get some answers & support from all of you.

First I'll say, this baby is definatly a boy [img][/img] We've seen crystal clear [img][/img] so the gender thing isnt the issue, although we though it may be before we found out he was a boy.

I know we could definatly find out through an amnio, but im not interested in any prenatal testing for that purpose. But thank you for that suggestion.

Overall I feel this baby is just different. He may have a good strong personality or he simply doesnt have the skin condition- which would be a whole new experience for me [img][/img]

I guess we will just wait and see [img][/img] Yes we are so excited to meet our little one- especially cause hes so different than my boys were. Yesterday he gave me a good swift kick in the ribs... the first time ive ever experienced that!

I will update everyone. For now I can say our little one will be here in 4 weeks unless some issues with his other medical problems change and we have to deliver earlier.

Thank you all for your support.