Hi, I have two boys and am 33 weeks preganant with my third [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] This new baby is so active, and its a lot of fun, but it makes me wonder about him. Has anyone who has had kids with and without Ichthyosis (I have EHK and so do my first two boys)noticed a difference in the pregnancies?

For example with my first two, I was very tired and had excessive trouble with swelling and blistering of my legs. By 33 weeks with my first two I was ready to deliver and just exsausted. With this little guy I have so much energy and I feel great. Ive had some but not severe trouble with my legs and this baby is so active, and my first two moved around, but not like this!

Now we dont know if this baby has EHK, but I wonder if maybe he doesn't becuase the pregnancy is so different. I know each pregnancy is different, but maybe there is a connection. Anyone experienced these things?