How excited you must be getting! My Jena (just born Aug 12)couldn't wait for her planned c-section (was supposed to be the 16th)and made us go to the hospital a few days early! We were in & out of the hospital before her "planned" date!

The docs & nurses at the hospital were very impressed with my healing-an upside to LI, I suppose! They asked me if I wanted to go home early (on Sunday, when I had Jena on Friday). Of course I did! I realized C-sections aren't all that bad, but I will still prefer the next one to be born "naturally"!

The only thing that got bothersome was that I had to explain my skin condition to anyone who came into the room, each nurse, the docs, the anesthesia people, etc. I joked w/ my husband that it seems almost "scary" to have to explain it and spell it to medical personnel! [img][/img] I was tempted to pin a little tag on my gown so I wouldn't have to explain it so often!
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