Look up and search the following
-steroid sulfatase deficiency
-placental steroid sulfatase deficiency
-steroid sulfastase deficiency disease
-arylsulfatase C
-Gene map locus (Im sure you know this)
Do searchs on each of these topics, you will find more this way than entering x linked ichthyosis. They are all related to x linked ichthyosis.
Another good website other than emedicine is www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov type in omim first box) and x linked ichthyosis (second box) on their website for the search... its the johns hopkins university website.
The wont go bald website is (had to add this)www.keratin.com/ac/baldnessbiology/baldnesscauses It relates that men with sts deficiency do not develope pattern alpecia regardless of family history. Yes I have read everything. LOL thats what moms do when they want to learn more for their children...if it was published I read it.
North Carolina at chapel hill also has site info they were doing a study on skin and cholesterol. There is more, but I need sleep.

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