Charmed is correct. There is a great website at e medicine. I had three c sections the last one doesnt count because it was an emergency c section. The first two were due to failure to progress, could not get past 1-2 with both. This can get complicated considering most doctors and hospitals will not consider a women in labor until they dilate to four. My labor with my first son was 32 hours. My second son was an induction do to low amniotic fluid (37 weeks) and they stripped the membranes two days prior, cervical gel the night before at the hospital and pitocin at 6 AM. = one fat round baby 8 pounds 6 ounces by c section at 4 50 PM. Hey I gave it a try for vbac. I do have to say this, several moms that I have met on this board delivered their x linked boys with no problems at all, vaginally. One mom that had girls had easy deliveries and the affected boys were difficult deliveries. You may or may not have this problem, and again, until SOMEONE DOES A STUDY, we wont know if its the estriol, or the steriod sulfatase defic, or what.
Yes aquaphor I loved, we brought it with the third child, the peds Dr gave it to us with the second child. You will need written consent for the nursery to put anything on your newborn from your Peds DR or DERM. We had all of our boys room in, I really wasnt afraid of them catching anything. I have not had any of my boys get a skin infection related to X linked ichthyosis. Irritation to tags and seams, sometimes a tight waist band-even people with sensitive skin get this. I like cotton fabrics best, they work best with lotion. More than likely your son will not have any signs of x linked ichthyosis at birth. He may have the normal newborn quirky know the funny spots and millia, peeling, redness, (conehead) SMILE.
At the end of the pregnancy you will need ultrasounds (sonagrams) to check amniotic fluid levels, and non stress tests are a good idea as well to be sure the placenta is functioning properly and the baby is not in distress. You should NOT go past your due date with an x linked baby, there is a high rate of stillborn babies that go past their due date. (cause unknown because no one has done a formal study) I found a website about the ear wax at Also this is funny and maybe I should post this as a question to those that are older with x linked, but something about them NOT losing their In my family when we trace it, this holds true but you cant always believe what you read! HA
E medicine is a great web page I am going to write all of the pages I have found the information on so you can view them. Most are reputable sorces( such as dermatology, medical schools, hospital websites), some less reputable are animal studies,but it has nearly the same gene sequence and testing. Some are from Britain and some from Germany, luckily the German site is in English.