Call me, my estriol level was a 0 ZERO with my second pregnancy, they doctors had no idea what was wrong with the baby, they said it was a "DOOMED" (their words) pregnancy and even pushed me toward an abortion. They said they never saw zero estriol and that the baby would probably be born dead, or not make it to term to begin with. I pushed for amnio after the second level ultrasound ruled out downs markers and other defects. My son is about to turn 8 in March and he is the best looking , "doomed" child I ever met. He has way too many girls calling the house and for a second grader has an extremely high score in math and science. His skin is dry compared to my other boys, which also have x linked ichthyosis, but no one knows he has it. His face, and body are normal. Only his shins it is noticeable. And his scalp has it, but people with dandruff have worse time than he has. I have met people with normal skin,( and I use this term loosly because what IS normal after all?)that have worse and more severe problems than my boys with x linked have ever gone through. I am sure people will write me after this, but I am so angry right now from every mom I have talked to that have Doctors telling them to abort. Im prochoice, I always have been, I understand that there are exceptions for every rule, but had I listened to the medical community in 1997, with out pushing for an amnio, that would have been the biggest mistake of my life, and my sons.