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#9789 - 02/08/02 12:29 AM Ring Worm
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My son is 3 years old. He was diagnosed with Ichthyosis at birth. He just recently got ring worm (which I mistook for a yeast infection) When I realize it was something else I brought him right to the doctor. Everyone told me it was very catchy and hard to get rid of. Well, after a long bath and some antifungal cream (over the counter) it was significantly better the next day. Within a week it was gone. So we stopped using the antifungal cream. Low and behold, it's back the next day. Antifungal cream goes on and it's gone. And the cycle goes around again. It's been about month of this. I was just wondering if anyone else experience this. Or if anyone has other suggestions. I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

#9790 - 02/08/02 06:15 PM Re: Ring Worm
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Hiya Sheila,

I remember havin ring worm as a kid and got it the same time as my brother. Some ppl usually think 'YUKK' when you tell them but ring worm is easy to catch amongst unhygenic kids. However, gettin rid of it was pretty easy. Both myself and my brother had some type of drink that kills the ring worm and their eggs in the gut and rectum. Im surprised ur doc didnt say this. N e way, I forgot what its called now but im sure the pharmacist should know.



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