My son is Hayden and he is three years old. He has Ichthyosis Hystrix. At about 5 months of age I notice a small white spot on the surface of his cornea on his left eye. I took him to a pediatric opthamologist and he removed it. He did not now what it was then. He sent it to another lab and they could not figure it out either. They didn't know what had caused it. It came back a few weeks later and then disappeared on its on. Several months later the white opaque spots came back but this time in another area of his eye and more of it. The doctor closely monitored it for a year or better and then decided to remove it once again. He asked a cornea specialist to sit in on the procedure. This doctor did not know exactly what it was either. They came to a conclusion that it was almost like a callous. They are also sending the sample to Baylor University in Texas to see if they can help. I feel like it is related to the ichthyosis. His doctor is aware of Hayden's skin disorder and feels that it is probably related also. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there with any form of ichthyosis? Your response would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Kristi

Son,Hayden, born w/Ichthyosis Hystrix--born 1-9-99