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#9755 - 10/10/01 08:40 PM Life Is Wonderful
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Hi, my daughter, Chloe, is 26 months and has Nethertons. I'd just like to share that since my previous 'moans' about how difficult times were, she is an absolute angel and I love her so much. Chloe, who has been seriously ill, has come on in leaps and bounds. Her skin has improved remarkedly (no more shedding of skin and red patches) and she has a full head of curly hair. To all those mums who may be going through difficult times, hang on in there. Our lives were in turmoil. When we look back now I just don't know how we did it - but we did, and I can honestly say that what I have now was worth the struggle.

May God be with you all - he has always been with me and my family.


#9756 - 10/21/01 10:07 PM Re: Life Is Wonderful
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Thanks for the update Teresa. I'm so happy to hear that things are better (they almost always are).

Best wishes,


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