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Has anyone with Lamellar or any Ichthyosis tried a Wheat, yeast and dairy free diet? Does changing your diet have any affect at all??????? Is there anything that I can do to make the skin not so dry????? A person at the shops the other day told me that the above diet worked for her son's skin but he had some thing different. I was just wondering would diet help, as ichthyosis is not an allergy?????
And I have been using Oatmeal baths in the last week to bath Winson in (my 9 month old) and I have notice that his skin has got very dry. I have now changed back to using bath oils, has anyone had the same trouble.
One more thing, at the bottom of his nostrils,right at the entrance of the nose hole, above the mouth. It's all cracked and splited from the right to the left all the way across, it's the lenght of both nostrils. The doctors don't know what to do and it is getting deeper everyday. And in the morning when he wakes up it is always bleeding. I already try to keep it creamed but it is not working, can anyone help???????????????? It only started as a little cut..... PLEASE HELP WITH ANY ADVISE...........

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I have tried different diets but never found any difference in my skin, even the Noni juice didn't do anything for me except dry me out even more(I have ehk). I do have a few comments about the oatmeal baths, do not dry off winson by rubbing him with a towel, pat dry only. The dry skin he is getting may be a result of the oatmeal bath exfoliating his skin. You may want to use the oatmeal bath in combination with applications of creams afterward. This will allow the bath to work and the cream will help keep him from getting dried out and aid in removing the dry skin at his next bath. As far as the crack under his nose goes, try neosporin ointment, not cream, with the pain reliever. It will keep the crack from getting bigger and will aid in healing it, and prevent possible infection. Be sure to apply it whenever his nose looks dry again or sooner. Also avoid letting a runny nose get to the cracked area, the moisture in the discharge will dry out the crack and allow it to crack and bleed more. This is just my personal cure all(neosporin), I have used it for every kind of cut, scrape, crack, etc. and I have never been disappointed with it's results. It makes everything heal much faster and keeps them cracking during the healing process.
Keith. (
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I also have to recommend the Neosporin for healing. It is amazingly affective on the big blisters and infections I am prone to, and I even use it on hang nails.
Neosporin makes several varieties, but the one with the pain reliever is also waterproof and creates a barrier so moisture and bacteria stay out of the wound. So close to the nose on a small child, this particular type of first aid is probably best.
A lot has been said about wheat/dairy/glute/corn free diets, and it's hard to say what it will do for anyone. What I recommend, if you want to try any of this, is remove just one thing at a time and stay with it for about two months. If it's going to help your baby, you will start seeing results after a month or so ( I watched a TV special on this [img][/img]. You can slowly add things in, or remove more things, and find out which combinations work best for him.
I hope your baby starts feeling better!

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Another vote for Neosporin. If you have trouble finding that brand, or have to special order it, even plain petroleum jelly would help in the interim.


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Hi, I have been using oatmeal baths for my son his whole life. We have always mixed the oatmeal, along with the oil, and a few small drops of liquid anti-bacterial soap into the bath. Then immediatly after he gets out of the tub while he is still damp, we slather aveeno lotion all over. We even keep a warm spray bottle of water near by in case he starts to dry before he is done getting his cream on. That is his bath ritual which he now does by himself because he is 14, and it has worked well for him for alot of years.
Like you,I am very curious about the diet and if changing it would have any real affect, I am taking my son to a new doctor next month and Im going to question him about this, and see if he ccould refer my son to a nutritionist. Take care, Mary

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My vote is for Triple Antibiotic ointment. I have a 6 month old who gets skinned places and cracks on his neck and groin area. The Triple Antibiotic works great to heal the places in as little as 2 days. It's also cheaper than the name brand stuff (Neosporin).

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Yes, Neosporin on the nose is a good idea.

As far as diet goes, food allergies would certainly affect skin health, at least indirectly. To my knowledge though, food allergies are not caused by ichthyosis. I have Lamellar and I have noticed there is one aspect of my diet that is affected. I need a much higher protein intake than the FDA recommended daily allowance. I have had two dermatologists and two internal medicine doctors say that I should have at least double the protein intake that's recommended. When I am not getting enough protein, I am constantly exhausted, almost always cold, and get sick very easily. Interestingly enough, I don't have anemia of any sort. It's just a need for protein.

I have a few beliefs about diet that might be relevant. Humans are the only creatures that continue to drink/eat milk (and dairy products) after we are weaned. While everyone certainly needs the protein, the calcium, the vitamins that milk has, what we don't need is the milk. It is very hard on our digestive systems. While Winston may or may not have reached the stage where he no longer needs milk, this is something to keep in mind for later. Consider milk alternatives such as soy milk. Vanilla flavored soy milk is quite tasty with things. If cutting dairy goods out of your child's diet is difficult, perhaps try just cutting back a little. Maybe yogurt with some berries in it instead of a glass of milk. Cut back on cheese and maybe use peanut butter or jam on sandwiches.

Also, as far as wheat is concerned, I would never ever recommend anything but whole grain wheat. In fact, I prefer grain sources other than wheat that are "whole" or not processed so that aspects are taken out and others are added in. Wild rice is very good and there are many breads made by bakery sections in stores or bake shops that do not have wheat. I would try going there for your grain products, and buying your loose grains in the bulk section of your grocery store.

I would also recommend avoiding anything with sugar and caffeine in it. Sugar again is very hard on the body and has been shown to at times lower one's immune defense. I have noticed that if I get caffeine in my diet, my skin dries out more easily.

In all, I guess you could say I recommend an "all natural" diet. No preservatives, no added sugars, dies, etc.

I have never tried an oatmeal bath, but I've heard good things about them (especially from people on this board). Using a bit of bath oil is always a good idea too. Plant derivative oils such as peanut or almond oil always seems to work better for me than plain old baby oil, but baby oil works fairly well too, as does baby oil gel, which came out on the market a few years ago. I then use an ointment after I've got the oil on my skin to make a really good protective coating to keep moisture in. I hope some of this helps.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.


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