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#9554 - 11/06/00 02:09 AM Winson and Anique my beautiful kids
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Hi Everyone it's Carmen again, I just want to share with you all "my beautiful kids". They are now on Show and Tell on this site. Go and have a look at how cute they are, Anique is the little chinese girl. Winson is now 7 month old and he no longer has all the brown scales, all the scales has gone to a much lighter brown (closer to his skin colour)and all his hair has fallen off. Have other people with ichthyosis got the same problem with hair? Will he grow out of that. I have notice that the skin on his head is much thicker than anywhere else and a lot darker in colour. But apart from that Winson has improved by 120%, he now smiles and laughes all the time and he is off all pain killers. He even sleeps now and he is also gaining weight, he is now 8kg. God is looking after him and he is improving everyday. Thanks everyone for helping with advice and 50% white paraffin and 50% liquid paraffin is doing wonders for his bottom. (Not that the hospital like making it up for him.) No more fire red bum, and I would like to thank everyone again. There is light at the other end. Love Carmen


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#9555 - 11/07/00 03:27 AM Re: Winson and Anique my beautiful kids
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Hi Carmen,

I just wanted to let you know that I looked at the Show-n-Tell section and found your kids. They are beautiful!
As for your son's scalp and hair, that was, and still is, the toughest part of Marc's body for us to maintain. Marc was born with a full head of hair and the scale was the thickest on his scalp. His hair soon fell out(normal for most babies, not ichthyosis related)and then we could manage the scale. Now that he has a full head of hair again, it is more difficult. We have used various shampoos, but I wouldn't recommend them for a 7 month old. Have you tried using baby oil on his scalp after his bath? Rub in and leave on until the morning. Wash hair in the morning and go through with a fine tooth comb to remove loose scales. I hope this helps. Hugs to those cute kids of yours!



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