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#9546 - 10/12/00 07:36 PM "Cradle Cap" Help
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Hi. My name is Sarah and I have a newborn baby boy diagnosed with X-Linked Ichthyosis. According to the MD, he has a mild case of it. It presented itself at 3 weeks. I am interested in hearing from anyone with experience treating mild Ichthyosis. What should I do for the "Cradle Cap" scales? What about the pealing and roughness on his chest and legs? The MD suggested Aquaphor and it seems to soften his skin some. What about baths? I would appreciated any suggestions. This website is great!

#9547 - 10/13/00 03:56 AM Re: "Cradle Cap" Help
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Hello Sarah, welcome to the bulletin board moms section.My name is Les Avakian and have X linked like your son.My mother tells me when I was young, she used nivea, aquaphor, and eucerin creams, but that was many years ago.I have asked other moms what they use for the itching, and some say Sarna cream. You must remember, some creams work better for some and not as well for others.We lack the steroid sulphatase enzyme.We dont exfoliate (shed dead skin) at a normal rate.The ichthyosis foundation (FIRST-Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types) has set up an Ichthyosis Support Network.The telephone number for the foundation is 215-631-1411. They will give you more information about X linked and will put you in touch with others.If you have the time, we meet on Wednesdays at 6:00 P.M. in the ichthyosis chat room and hope you can attend. Bye for now.

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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the mom's board. My name is Denise and my son, Marc was born with lamellar ichthyosis. Trying to maintain his scalp has definitely been the toughest part of his skin routine! When he was a newborn (he is now 3 1/2), we used baby oil to loosen the scale on his scalp and then used a fine-tooth comb to remove the loose pieces. Marc was born with a full head of hair and it was difficult to remove the scale without pulling out his hair. As he got older, we used a pumice stone on his scalp while he was in the bath to help loosen the scale. We also use mineral oil and Baker's P&S Shampoo-alternating nights-and massage it into his head and leave it in overnight. I think these methods are definitely for older children and not a newborn like your son. These are techniques which help my son, but remember he has lamellar, not x-linked. Have you tried posting the same message on the x-linked board? Like Les said in the previous message, FIRST has a support network and they will put you in contact with others who have experience with x-linked ichthyosis. Good luck!


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I have an x-linked son as well. You did not say how old your son was right now but were you given a prescription for anything? My baby just turned 6 and I remember all to well those first few years. When my son was an infant I would soak his scalp with baby oil at night & take a fine tooth baby comb to him the next day. that did seem to help for a quick fix. I believe that he was about 2mo old before we got an appt. with the Dermatologist & were give a prescription for Lac-Hydrin. That has been the only thing that has really helped. BUT... last week I came back to this site & found a link to a non-prescription lotion. "Amlactin" It is supposed to be the same as the Lac-Hydrin "prescription" but because of the burn my son is used to he will not try the new stuff. The Amlactin is not supposed to burn I guess. I have tried it myself as I know that the Lac-Hydrin burned my skin & the new stuff was thicker but did not burn as much. I was able to get it by special order from my local drug store. worth a try. We also have been using Denorex extra strength on his head for the last two years & it has made a very big difference for long term. As long as we use it faithfuly he never has scales. I am not sure if it would be recommended for an infant so I would ask your physician. Please feel free to e-mail me. maybe I can help a bit more. At the very least i have some good snappy combacks for the comments you might get from strangers in the future. Good Luck! Misty


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