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#91 - 09/03/00 09:17 AM Icthyosis caused by debendox?
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I and my son both have EHK icthyosis. I am trying to carry out some research in to the reason why my mum gave birth to me with EHK. The only thing she took whilst she was pregnant was debendox. I have looked into alot of sites regarding debendox and have found there are lots of different forms of abnormalities. Limb disorders, heart defects, liver defects to name a few.
I am really interested to see if any one else out there had a mother who had taken debendox and feel this "could" have caused the gene to be damaged. It may not be just debendox but possibly an ingredient with in it.

This message is not saying debendox or any ingredient within it is the cause but is of my opinion worth looking into as a "possible" cause

#92 - 09/07/00 02:46 PM Re: Icthyosis caused by debendox?
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It's an interesting theory, certainly worth pursuing, but... My father was born before Debendox was used and he has it, and I was born with it and my mother never took it.
So where does that put us?

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Hello Mark and Glori, I think that puts us right where we have been. From my understanding, we lack a certain enzyme that is responsible for a normal exfoliation of our skin.In my case,X-Linked, I lack the steroid sulphatase enzyme.Also there is an overabundance of cholesterol sulphate correlating with scaling.In my case, my grandfather was afflicted, my mom and aunt became carriers, and my male cousin and I are afflicted.A classic X-linked family.To my knowledge, I dont know of any type of ich which is caused by a spontaneous reaction to environmental reactions.If there are any studies other than genetics as a cause, please post here. Take care all, Les
Les Avakian

#94 - 09/07/00 03:34 PM Re: Icthyosis caused by debendox?

Hi Mark,
We spoke before regarding diapers. Anyway, my mother was born in 1943 to a 17 year-old farmers wife in rural Virginia. She did not take any medications and my mother was the only child of 4 to get the EHK mutation. She was the first in our family history, however my grandfather's brother died shortly after his birth. He as well as my mother were born at home and no medical records exist on the cause. My grandfather had pretty fragile skin, but that's it. My mother passed on the condition to me and my condition is a little less severe than hers, likewise my son's condition seems to be milder than mine. Hope it just gets watered down and fades away in time, but I don't know. I don't think any drug is responsible for this condition. Have you gotten the booklets from the FIRST organization that explain the genetics about ichthyosis?
Good luck on your research.


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