Hi everybody. I was looking to see if there are any other Darier's here. I have the mosaic form. Years ago, I attended the First Conference in Phila which is where I found out the type of Darier's I have.

I used to post in their forum but can't find the link for it, on their homepage anymore.
Does anyone know if they still have a forum?

Also I was wondering if anyone has tried bathing in Green Tea and found it helpful?

I found it extremely helpful but also very time consuming.

So I came up with a homemade concoction that has been working really well for me & I wanted to pass it along incase it can help someone else.

I brew a very strong green tea (not decaf, let it cool & mix it with an equal amount of neutrogena body oil & then add a few drops of tee trea oil to it. I shake it real well & apply it twice a day.

I think perhaps the oil keeps the green tea on my skin longer than just bathing in it plus I found the green tea baths a little drying.

Hope this helps someone else.