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#83 - 08/30/00 01:15 AM Noni Juice
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Has anyone else tried Tahitian Noni Juice? I must admit when I saw a previous post on here about how good the effects were I didn't really think it was possible but having been on it for a month now my skin is alot better (I have ichthyosis vulgaris). Just to be sure it was the juice and not my skin going through one of it's ups and downs phase I took the juice for two weeks and it improved greatly. Then I stopped for a week and sure enough my skin went back to how it was before the juice. I just went back on it again and my skin looks and feels so much better. I can't say that it looks normal but it feels so much better. It is not as tight as it was before and the scales come off much easier. Well I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it and let others know who were considering trying it that it has worked for me.

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#84 - 08/30/00 01:53 PM Re: Noni Juice
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I've been wondering about Noni juice myself, having just heard about it recently. Sonia is now moderating the new forum, Alternative Therapies, and I asked her if maybe one of her first topics could be about Noni juice.

So, look for some more information over there in the other forum. Hopefully, that forum will get a lot of posts, as I know a lot of people are very interestest in alternative therapies for ichthyosis (and I would consider Noni juice an "alternative" therapy).


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Noni juice has been recommended to me as well. After reading your post, I think i'll actually go and buy a bottle to try. It's expensive though, about $80 a bottle here, I think! So it better be good.

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I'm sorry but this entire thing about the Noni juice smells funny. Sales of this stuff are sold like Amway back in the 70's. Show me some real data on how this helps people with ichthyosis. $80 a bottle! What is this stuff liquid gold? Come on.

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Hi Kenny,
Maybe you want to check out the response to your post on the Alternative Therapies board regarding noni.



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I tired Noni Juice on my 2 year old who has Netherton Syndrome. It cost me approx $80 a bottle as well......All i can say is that it did not work on my son, but hey, it might work for you all. I guess it is one of those cases where you have to try and for yourself......


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