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#7257 - 03/13/07 10:07 PM Good News at Last.
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Well after a few stressfull weeks there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday my husband recieved a job offer that he is going to take. Overall it is a much better job than his previous one. As with everything there are a few drawbacks, he has less vacation time and he has to start right away, just a few days after I will be getting home from the hospital. The great news is that he will still be working from home most days just like his old job and he will be getting a signifigant pay raise. (which came just in time, we just got reassed for out taxes) He is very excited about this new job and feels much better, he was pretty worried.

I just got home from the Dr. and at the most I only have a week left until the baby is born, I have been getting pretty strong braxton hicks contractions, and getting them 8-12 times a day, so the dr. said I may go before that. YAY.

Thanks for all the support these last few weeks.

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#7258 - 03/13/07 10:47 PM Re: Good News at Last.
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Congratulations. Hope all will work out well for you and yours.
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#7259 - 03/14/07 04:41 AM Re: Good News at Last.
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Hello Heather
Congragulations on the wonderful news about your husband getting a new job with better benefits. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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#7260 - 03/14/07 04:45 PM Re: Good News at Last.
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Good luck with all the new happenings in your life. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction for your family. Best wishes on the delivery coming soon. The last couple of days are always the hardest. Let us know how things go. Congrats on the happiness your family is experiencing; you definately deserve it!!
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