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#7016 - 03/11/07 12:50 AM Re: Oprah is planning a show about skin!!!!
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Thank you CH,

I second what you said. This forum is not the place for name calling.

I too am an Oprah fan and admire her for all of the charity work that she does. If anyone can do a show on ichthyosis, that's informative, though provoking, inspiring, and shows the human spirit, it is Oprah. I can name 10-20 shows hands down that are exploitive of people and in my opinion, Oprah's is not one of them.
I will cross my fingers that our campaign works. As much as I love the ich community and think that we are special, I am sure that there are other skin disease communities (psoriasis, eb, exczema, etc) that have organized in the same way for this show topic.
I'll be sending out lots of positive vibes and energy that our stories have touched the hearts of Oprah and her staff enough to provide us with a show, or at least a segment.


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#7017 - 03/13/07 12:57 PM Re: Oprah is planning a show about skin!!!!
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Ah yes, I do rememeber when Ted Shackleford was our spokesperson as well and I remember him being on Merv and lots of other shows.

For those of you who have been around long enough, I was recruited off this board and flown to New York to do a talk show about Ichthyosis.

Compared to the other people on the show, skin wasn't glamorous enough and my segment got cut, but it was a very interesting experience!

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