I came across this site by accident. I've had ichthyosis all my life, but nobody ever gave it a name until my current doctor did. I'm 56 years old. I used Nivea oil as a child and greased up everything I touched. I used Nivea cream as an adult until I found Lachydrin (the miracle in my life). Aquaphor was suggested once, but it did nothing. My skin is one reason I never got close to people, but I have many other secrets that keep me distant from people. High school and boys were tough, but they wouldn't have been if Lachydrin had been around. I had boyfriends and friends, but always felt different and didn't wear shorts or revealing tops like everyone else. I learned to not care about that stuff as an adult and live my life the way I want. Just wanted to share my thoughts with people who have children, in case your child feels odd. I bookmarked this site, but don't know if I'll ever be a regular visitor.