Just as I thought ... If your adopted child is from China, she most likely has severe Vulgaris or X-linked. Not saying that Chinese cannot have Lamellar or CIE, but Vulgaris and maybe X-linked are so PREVALENT in parts of China, compared to their distribution in the population of other parts of the world, that is mind-boggling.

It is good that she can sweat. As long as she can sweat, the discomfit of prickly itch would be held at bay. But whether she can sweat without the help of the wraps, etc., is an important issue to address. Winter would be really difficult for her in the midwest. If the scales build-up get so bad that she cannot sweat, there would a constant high risk of heat intolerance (prickly itch) when she does need to sweat, such as when she is active in the cold weather. All steps would be needed to help her exfoliate in the winters.

Good luck.
Don't ever lose hope when
there is a promised land, and "sweat" dreams