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#611 - 07/25/01 01:03 AM Infliximab??

I received a letter from a friend asking me if I had ever tried Infliximab for my skin. Even though it is primarily being used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and crohn's disease, she sent me an article that says they have been using it to treat psoriasis. Here is a portion of the info I have,

"The drug infliximab...seems to work against ...psoriasis. Scientists gave 33
psoriasis patients three intravenous infusions over 6 weeks. A third of the
participants received a low dose of infliximab, a third got a high dose, and the
rest received a placebo. Four weeks after the last treatment, 19 of the 22
patients getting infliximab had far fewer skin lesions than at the start of the
experiment, whereas only 2 of 11 in the placebo group had improved, the
researchers report in the June 9 LANCET. Patients responses to the low and high
drug doses were approximately the same....

Has anyone heard of this? I tried looking it up in every search engine i know and can't find any mention of it anywhere for psoriasis treatment let alone Ichthyosis. It is also known as Remicade if that helps. If anyone else can find any info on it being used for skin treatment let us all know. Thank You

#612 - 08/06/01 08:09 PM Re: Infliximab??
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I've never heard of Infliximab BUT I do take Celebrex for a skin related issue. Celebrex is another anti-inflammatory. It's not used to treat people with psoriasis as far as I know but a rheumatologist put me on it because he theorized the reason I have so much joint pain is because my skin swells when it's dry, and since it doesn't strecht (lamellar icthyosis) it ends up swelling inward and compacting my soft tissues which then hurts my joints. He came to this conclusion because he says a lot of people with skin conditions have a great deal of joint pain for the same reason (internal swelling), and because I've had such severe joint pain it can inhibit my ability to move around quite a bit. It helps me move better, but I haven't seen it affect my skin at all in terms of peeling, looks, etc.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.


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