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Just came back from the eye DR. Nessa needs to get glasses. The Dr says she has a bad stigmatizim. They say it was caused from her condtion. Something about the skin being to tight for the eye to form the right shape. Has anyone had a problem like this?I cant see her keeping glasses on at 20 months.. She is to hyper right

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Well, I have LI and I have a stigmatism. Mine is bad enough for it to make me uncomfortable driving at night or in bad weather. But, it is not real bad. For the most part I have great vision and I have never had anyone suggest that my stigmatism had anything to do my ich. But, I think my stigmatism did not start until I was a teen unless I had it all my life and did not realize it as a child. I would think it would be really hard to keep glasses on a 20 month old. I'm sure someone may have a suggestion on here. Good luck.


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