Someone mentioned in one of the discussion threads about a friend of theirs that makes natural hand made soaps that they have used with great results - the company is Voda Soap (

I thought I would give it a try as many of them contain Shea Butter which I have been using in the form of The Body Shop's Body Butter to moisturise my skin.

I am always very wary of trying out soaps as I normally react badyly with soap, but I wanted to let you all know that, although I have only tried one of the varieties so far that it is GREAT!
It makes a lovely creamy lather and feels really smooth when rubbing it over your skin, not to mention it smells nice, and it's all natural!

At first I thought that it was making my skin feel really dry in the bath while I was using it, however, after getting out and drying off and applying my Shea Body Butter I found that it has worked wonders - even after the first time of use! (I have now figured out that everything else I have been using in the bath has been masking over my skin instead of helping remove the dead skin!)

It seems to have reduced my flaking a great deal and I only had to put one lot of cream on after my bath instead of loads of layers and my skin feels really smooth and looks 95% better than normal after a bath. And the day after my skin felt much more normal too without much flaking occuring over night!

Thank you whoever you are that recommended this soap (sorry I can't remember your name or which post it was on)- it's FAB!

I'm looking forward to trying out the other "flavours" that I ordered.

PS - A tip for using soap - instead of using the whole bar and it sitting in water and getting slimy or drying out in the bathroom, cut up the bar into smaller usable slices - much more economical and less waste - plus if you have more than one "flavour" of soap then you can use different ones depending on what mood you are in instead of waiting until you have used up one bar (I managed to get 6 slices out of each bar which lasts a couple of washes in the bath)!
Plus if you order a box set of 4 like I did you can keep the slices in the box away from the humidity of the bathroom.

Voda Soap are a great friendly company, with a fab service and great communication - I think they will deliver anywhere but you need to check with them additional postage costs outside the USA - I also received some free samples of some of the other "flavours" of soap - an extra special un-expected surprise! Worth a try!