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#4065 - 02/13/06 07:48 PM "greasing up" is too time-consuming!!
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hi everyone. so glad i f ound this forum...i'm a very busy college student and in the morning (after only getting 5-6 hours of sleep) it is always such a pain in the *** to have to put lac-hydrin on my entire body! sorry, just gotta rant... it usually takes me about 15 minutes to shower and 10 minutes to rub it in all over my body. that's 25 hours of lost sleep [img][/img] and also ppl get mad at me cuz i hold up the line in the dorm shower

does any9one else have t his problem? how long does it take you guys to grease up? is it necessary to rub the lachydrin in really really well or can i just quickly slather a thin layer all over my body and get on with my life??

#4066 - 02/13/06 09:39 PM Re: "greasing up" is too time-consuming!!
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Hello Alley,
I just read your post and agree its a hassle to apply lachydrin and you have every right to rant.Im Les Avakian from Fresno, Calif, and have x linked ichthyosis.The only alternative is to not apply it,make your dorm friends happy, and be dry and itchy all day long.No thanks from central calif. I lived through those dark days of childhood itching and fidgeting.I use lachydrin on my back,torso,and arms everyday during the cold days of fall and winter.Once a week on my calfs and legs will do the trick.I also like to rub it in thoroughly to get its full affect.This year has been unseasonably warm, and I have only gone through one tube since November.What type of ichthyosis do you have?I have found Lachydrin 12% lactic acid to be the best cream for my skin.There are other alpha hydroxy acids you can try too.Our FIRST foundation website is and you can look up other products you might like to try.Take care Allie and by for now.
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Maybe you could get a bath/shower the night before? Thats what i do and i always find it alot easier and i know i dont have to rush for other people or to be on time etc.

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M husband had to cope with this at his college, too. Private showers weren't an option - the best they had was dorms of 4 students sharing 1 shower or a whole hall sharing 4 showers.

His showers take 45m-1hr, followed by the 10-15 minutes of creaming and whatnot.

His solutions:
1. go back to your room to do the creaming instead of doing it in the shower. You won't feel so rushed if there's someone waiting for the bathtub.
2. rearrange your schedule so your shower doesn't interfere with classes or with your sleep schedule or your dorm mates. Maybe a mid-afternoon shower between classes would work better?

As for the creaming time, there isn't much you can do about it. We're 30 and have been out of college for 6 years now, and it doesn't get any better once you're in the work world - but at least you don't have to share your bathtub with random strangers!
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I've always made it clear whenever I have to share one shower w/ a group of people (like sharing a hotel room or something-there always seemed to be enough showers in my dorm room when I had to stay in one) that b/c of my skin, I get first dibbs on the shower. I'd just set the alarm for 1/2 hour earlier than what everyone wanted, turn it off right away & go do my thing as quickly as possible while everyone else slowly woke up.
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