Hi all, my name is Neil and had dry skin pretty much all my life, along with my brother who is 15 years my elder.

It's never really bothered me as i have just dealt with it. It has never really been particularly itchy. So in some respects I am very lucky apart from a little teasing when i was younger. And until today, no doctors have diagnosed ichtyosis.

so it came as some surprise when researching this condition i came across this site. I read some of the posts and it is uncanny that many of the syptoms i have read about here I too experience.

I always thought it rather odd that in the summer my skin clears up just like that of CyrusMcCormick.

i am pleased I have found this site and although I probably won't be a regular to the message board i will frequently come back to see if any different treatments are available.

I have found my people!!