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#341 - 03/14/01 12:10 AM skin discoloration
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I'm 26 and my doctor just informed me I have Ichthyosis Vulgasis. I was first diagnosted having tinea versicolor. I don't suffer from any itching, but I do have dry skin, mostly on my back. What bothers me most is the white spot on my back. They are even more visible during the summer months since they don't tan like the rest of my skin. Does anyone suffer from this? If so, is there any lotions that can help? I did use Eucerin Emollient and LacHydrin and they only help to moisture my skin, but didn't improve my skin discoloration. thanks.

#342 - 03/14/01 07:56 AM Re: skin discoloration
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Hello Sonya, I am glad you posted and welcome to the ichthyosis bulletin board.There are many good posts in the Vulgaris/X linked section especially under the heading " What cream is best for vulgaris.Mia replied her doctor prescribed Lachydrin 12% lactic acid, salicyllic acid 2%, and LCD 3% in a mixture. It sure sounds like a potent concoction.The only true measurement is to try some of the acids and see how they react to your skin.Some will be too mild, some will be too harsh.Personally urea and glycollic acids do nothing for me, lactic acid works great,and I havent tried salicyllic acid.Good luck to you Sonya.Les
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There are definitely other people who have white spots that don't tan like the rest, and there's been some discussion about this here in the past.

If you do a search on "tanning" and "white spots" I think you'll find the discussion.



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