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#334 - 03/11/01 06:55 AM Another Fabulous New Product To Share
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Several of us have talked about how great lip balm can be, and someone even mentioned that they wished it was practical to use all over. Well...
I was flipping through the Avon catalog last week and I saw this stuff called a Rough Skin Patch Stick. I ordered one at the introductory price of $5 just to check it out. Now, you can't really use it all over because it's just not practical, but it is really great for spot treatment. The backs of my thighs are really thick and resist most skin removal attempts. I can just swipe this on them with no muss no fuss and it really moisturizes, but only for about the length of a work day. I can carry it in my purse and touch up, it's made from Skin So Soft so it smells nice, and it's just darn handy.
Now I did see at Eckerd today that Curel is now making a skin healing stick that has mineral oil as the first ingredient, like the Avon stuff has, so it might work just as well.
Either way, just wanted to let you know, and if you want to try it, Avon will let you order online, and is carrying the Curel version of it for about $8.

#335 - 03/14/01 01:47 PM Re: Another Fabulous New Product To Share
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Thanks Glori! That's exactly what I need right now too--something to take with me to work for 'touch ups' during the day on areas that are especially dry. Either of the two sticks sound perfect. I'm definitely going to look for them.

#336 - 03/14/01 03:21 PM Re: Another Fabulous New Product To Share
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That sounds great! I'll have to try it too. I have also noticed that sunscreen "sticks" are much less harsh on my skin than sunscreen lotions and actually moisturize, so the sticks you're talking about sound great to me. Now if we could convince moisturizer manufacturers to make more of this stuff in a larger size (like slightly bigger than a deodorant size product) we'd really have it made... Any inventors amongst us?
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